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4 MW CHP gas generator plant 2x MWM TCG2020V20 container

4 MW CHP gas generator plant 2x MWM TCG2020V20 container
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4 MW CHP gas generator plant 2x MWM TCG2020V20 container - фото 1 4 MW CHP gas generator plant 2x MWM TCG2020V20 container - фото 2 4 MW CHP gas generator plant 2x MWM TCG2020V20 container - фото 3
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ETC Europe Truck Finland, Oy Хельсинки, FI
на Флагма с 11 июня 2019


4 MW CHP gas generator plant 2x MWM TCG2020V20 container relocatable edition , temperature insulation
autonomous energy complex (CHP) for heat supply and power supply based on the 2x MWM TCG2020V20 2000kW each, container type.
YOM 2014. extremely low hours - 25000. Present status : storage preservation. Regular reglament running with full working operations. maintained gas plant for sale
Ready for immediate shipment. (EU stock)

Ready for immediate using after delivery on place. (relocatable units)

consisting of:

- Gas generator units (MWM TCG 2020 V20 2000 kW), container relocable version (2 pcs.)

- Individual heat station “CHP control center” of container design, rated in total capacity 6 Mw. (there is reserve with 2 Mw extension option)

Technical details of MWM TCG 2020V20 2000 kW :

Power, kW 2000

Thermal power, kW 1977

Electric efficiency,% 43.7

Thermal efficiency,% 43.2

Voltage, V (50 Hz) 400

Gas engine, MWM TCG 2020 V20 (Germany)

Number of Cylinders, 20

Engine Design, V-Shaped

Bore and stroke, mm 170 x 195

Compression ratio 13.5: 1

Engine displacement, dm3 88,5

Speed, rpm 1500

Speed controller, Electronic

Number of phases, 3 (isolated neutral)

Type of fuel, Natural gas / biogas, etc.

Fuel gas pressure at the engine inlet, mbar 20-200

The temperature of the exhaust gas, C 424

Volume of lubricating oil, dm3 300

Gas consumption at 100% load, Nm3 / h 482

Starting System, Electric Starter

Voltage Regulator, Electronic

Generator voltage adjustment, ± 1%

Generator insulation class, H

Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 8420 x 1960 x 2620

The total weight of the installation, kg 18690

Year 2014

Full engine life of at least 240,000 engine hours
Actual running time of 25,000 hours now.

The energy complex is in a preserved state.

The energy complex is located in 3 containers of the "North" type.

Features of the container type are a modern and convenient mobile solution that can be used as the main, backup or guaranteed source of energy in almost any climatic conditions. The container type "North" is made of insulated sandwich panels, consisting of sheets of galvanized steel with a filler of non-combustible basalt wool. Operating temperature of containers from -50 ° С to + 50 ° С.

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ETC Europe Truck Finland, Oy Хельсинки, FI
Работает на Флагма с 11 июня 2019
S Rudolf
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ETC Europe Truck Finland, Oy S Rudolf, Manager
4 MW CHP gas generator plant 2x MWM TCG2020V20 container
Цена по запросу ID: 1717939
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