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Scandic Supply, Oy

Представитель компании
Damirov Vladyslav Damirovich
Damirov Vladyslav Damirovichmanager
Адрес компании
Helsinki Jaruttie 12 07770
Helsinki Jaruttie 12 07770
Регистрация: 10 июля 2022
Индекс активности: F0.0
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Деятельность компании

We are looking for a competent Construction Worker to work on buildings, roads and other construction projects. You will be the one to help the plans of architects and engineers come to life and become full and solid structures.
Experience in working on relevant projects and using equipment is essential. You must have physical strength, endurance and work well with your hands. Being good in collaboration and following instructions and safety rules, are also important.

Компания образована в 2021 году, численность 25 чел.
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