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EPAL Pallets

EPAL Pallets
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Posted: 15 October 2022, 02:25 ID: 1720000
Campo de Criptana, ES
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Blanco Luis


Due to good bearing capacity, low cost, custom size, durability features of plywood wood pallet, They are widely used in automobile industry, logistics , factories, etc. According to international standards, Plywood pallets are phytosanitary free, so they are able to ship to any countries

Pallet can come in different structures , which could be chosen based on forklift characteristics and load-bearing requirements. Different structures of the pallet directly affect the efficiency.

Pallet for material utilises storage is important tool, widely used in machinery, automobile, food, electrical appliance and other is light weight, suitable for use in all kinds of factories, distribution centers.

We offer Din+ Wood Pellet , Sawdust Pellet, Firewood, Charcoal Briquette.. . large quantity factory price tons wood pellets . Grade A Din Plus Wood Pellet Biomass Wood Pellet for sale GRADE A DIN + WOOD PELLET / A1 FIREWOOD Dry Calor Biomass Vietnam competitive price Wood pellet Ready for sale

Cheap 100% Wood Pellet 6-8-10mm for sale EN plus-A1 6mm Fir, Pine, Beech wood pellets of 15kg bags cheap wood pellets by the ton, wood pellets factory 8mm pine wood pellet 100% Pine wood pellet for sale at cheap price

Wood pellet could be used as material for fuel in industrial boiler system, hydro power station and household... Besides, wood pellet is also used to replace for natural gas, coal, oil and fossil fuels..

We are whole sale suppliers of best quality wood pellets such as pine wood pellet, birch wood pellet, beech wood pellet, oak wood pellets, sunflower husk and rice husk pellets, We also sale charcoals such as hardwood charcoal, oak charcoal, mangrove charcoal, lump charcoal, Orange charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, BBQ Charcoal and firewood on pallets and we want serious buyers in need contact with us for more details .

We supply base in accordance with client specific requirements and successfully establish great relationships with them. Client satisfaction has been the aim concern .

Wood Pellets Types:
• Premium Wood Pellets
• Pine Wood Pellets
• Spruce Wood Pellets
• Beech Wood Pellets
• Sawdust Wood Pellets
• Oak Wood Pellets
• Birch Wood Pellets

Application: Heating System
Density: 900Kcal/kg
Diameter: 6mm/8mm
Shape: Stick
Length: 10mm – 35mm
Calory (J): 4702
Moisture (%): 8%
Brand Name: high quality wood pellet
Model Number: 6mm/8mm
Ash Content (%): 1.2%
Materials: high quality wood pellet

high quality wood pellet
1. No additives, no chemical
2. no harm to human beings
3. Environmentally friendly
4. high calorif
Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 15kg/bag, 20kg 1000kg PP Woven/PE bag and Bulk also on client Specification

wood pellets
hardwood pellets
wood pellets for sale
biomass pellets
EPAL Pallets
Euro Pallets
wood pellets for heating
bbq wood pellets
premium pellets
Industrial wood pellets
KD oak firewood 1.8 RM boxes 25 cm long
KD beech firewood in 2 RM boxes
KD ash firewood 1.8 RM boxes 25 cm long
KD hornbeam firewood 2 RM boxes 33 cm long
Nestro briquettes oak
RUF oak briquettes (light color)
RUF oak briquettes (dark color)
Dry Birch firewood 2 RM boxes 33 cm long
Firewood Beech dry 1.8 RM boxes 25 cm long

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,  Campo de Criptana, ES
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Campo de Criptana, ES
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